An interesting concept I have come across in my readings, especially noted in 4-hour work week written by Tim Ferriss is something called geoarbitrage. It sounds like a complex word but all it really means is relocating to take advantage of lower costs and taxes in a different city or country. Using this to your advantage, you can get the most out of your money while stocking money away for retirement and savings or even for investments. Over time, the difference in reduced prices and taxes will allow you to retire earlier.

I have looked into this concept and have come up with 3 major benefits from buying into this lifestyle change.

  1. Reduced Housing Price- It’s definitely no secret that places such as California has one of the highest costs of living out of anywhere in the world. Instead of your money wasting away in your mortgage payment or rent, move to a place where the cost of living is much cheaper and you pocket the difference.
  2. Magnify Your Earnings- It is very well known that different careers have different salaries depending on where you are working. To magnify your earnings, it is smart to consider relocating to an area that’s in high demand on your career and also pays more. Over time the additional pay will help you retire earlier.
  3. Reducing Taxes- Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay income tax! Most Americans don’t know that they work from January-May entirely for the government. It is only after May that workers can actually start to bring in income for themselves. States that have low income taxes are great for employees who are taxed the most. It is also important to know the sales tax and property tax if looking to build or buy a house.
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Consider Geoarbitrage if you want to retire young!


Hey guys!

One place I’ve always wanted to visit was Switzerland. With it’s rugged mountain views and small communities, I’d even consider living there. It is my goal to educate myself financially to be able to see the wonders this world has to offer. I’d love to hear your favorite place you’d like to see and what your plan is to get you there. My plan is to use my engineering degree to save up money to invest in real estate and produce cash flow that can fund the travels I want to embark on. Drop a comment to tell me what your plan is to see the places you’ve always dreamed of!

Ca$hflow 101 Game Link!

Hey guys!

The best way to learn is not from reading or listening to lectures, it’s from actively learning and testing your knowledge. One of the best ways to increase your financial education is by playing a fun, educational game called Ca$hflow 101. This is a game created by Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad company.

Below I have included the link that takes you to this fantastic game. You will have to create an account on the rich dad website, and I highly recommend doing so, it is some of the best financial education I’ve ever received, and it’s all for FREE!

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Hey guys! My name is Josh Bauer and I am a college student interested in bolstering my network and sharing what I learn. I hope that is blog will attract many people who are trying to help each other out and meet new people. I have learned a lot through reading books such as four hour work week, Robert Kiyosaki’s books, and Grant Cardone’s books. I hope we can attract people who have a similar passion and want to attain financial freedom and some day travel the world!

I look forward to meeting new people!